The world needs more love.

At Nature of Kindness, we've made it our goal to revive that which is so easy to forget – kindness – while also helping the planet mistreated in its absence. All we ask from you on our mission to make Earth greener is $10 spent making someone else's day brighter. Our homemade products, each safely crafted by Cleveland, Ohio's local high schoolers and personalized through professionally-lettered cards, are sure not to disappoint.


Thank you for contributing to our 2021 goal of 100 packages sold, and for allowing us to create one-hundred more smiles. 100% of our total revenue post-expenses will be directed towards the Sierra Club, an organization which lobbies for the preservation of our green space, and anti-bullying organizations.

- Kaila Morris and Rhea Mahajan

Founders of Nature of Kindness