Kaila Morris – Founder and CEO


Kaila Morris is the founder and CEO of Nature of Kindness, where she develops new packages and furthers the company's goal of spreading kindness through partnerships and social media. She is a senior at Hathaway Brown School and is an active participant in Sustainability and Business courses, which have shaped her mission to create change in the community. Outside of business and school, Kaila can be found working at her family's business, inserting one-too-many exclamation marks into emails, and writing smiley faces on sticky notes.

Rhea Mahajan – CEO


Rhea Mahajan is the CEO of Nature of Kindness, where she directs the artistic development of packages and hand-letters quote sheets, and a junior at Hathaway Brown School. In addition to being a three-year member of the Business and Finance program at her school, she participates in Speech and Debate, conducts biomedical research, and directs the marketing for her school's café. She has also participated in many visual and performing arts courses throughout the years, with a special passion for photography and violin. After high school, Rhea hopes to continue helping others as a doctor.