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The world needs more love.

Nature of Kindness was built on that one simple premise. In August 2020, as kindness was overshadowed by the pandemic, political divides, and nationwide injustices, we decided to take action to create a brighter and better community. Realizing the positive effects nature has on our mental healths, we knew sustainability would be a key component of our campaign–– and that through our organization, we would work to spread kindness to others and the planet, as mental health and environmental preservation truly do go hand-in-hand.


With those ideas in mind, Nature of Kindness was born in February 2021, just before Valentine's Day. Today, we're selling our eco-friendly kindness packages–– consisting of motivational messages and pick-me-ups–– across the U.S., and have reached countless people across several states. We're so grateful for the support we've received and are beyond excited to continue expanding our organization and acheiving our goals!

our Mission

At Nature of Kindness, we spread kindness to others and the earth through eco-friendly kindness packages. Using our social media and blog, we also strive to establish a network of organizations and individuals who share our kindness and sustainability values.

our pillars



At the core of our organization is a need to make the world a better place through kindness. We're dedicated to creating an inclusive, empathetic, and understanding space for our executive team and customers.



Kindness should not be limited on the basis of race, gender, socioeconomic status, or sexuality. Our products are made accessible and appealing to all, and we work to support diverse groups on our blog and social media.



We understand that inequity in communities is a major obstacle in achieving universal kindness. That's why we're dedicated to pricing our products within an affordable rage–– all under $20.



We value each pillar of sustainability,

with an emphasis on the environment. We are constantly working to create greener products and encourage environmental efforts in our local community.

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Did you know? We donate the majority of our revenue to environmental and anti-bullying organizations.

Our organization is run by youth! Don't forget to learn more about our teen founders.